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In athletics, there are many ways to honor those who came before or those who have been an inspiration. In Breanna's case, those who loved and looked up to her decided to honor her memory by changing their number to 45, wearing teal or sunflowers, or writing her name on their equipment, thus beginning the 45 Club.


Kylee Jayde Bell

Kylee Jade is the daughter of Trish Bell, Bree's cousin. Trish is also Bree's birthday twin. 


"Bree is so beautiful. Everytime I seen her she always played with me. I think of her every time I read my Dr. Seuss book. She is alway smiling and is the kindest, sweetest person I know. I miss her so much and our family misses her  too." - Kaylee


McKinley Brock 

"Back when I was 9 my best friend, Abigail, passed away from a brain tumor. On my 18th birthday, I got a tattoo in her honor. Bree and I had always talked about what tattoos we wanted next. I had always wanted one that wraps around my arm with some leaves and vines. When she passed I knew I had to get my next tattoo in memory of her. I got my tattoo that wraps around but instead of vines, I used a sunflower. I put it on the same arm as my Abigail tattoo. Now I have both of my angels with me wherever I go. I look at it when I’m sad. I look at it to tell her when I’ve made accomplishments. And I look at it when I need a reminder to live my life to the absolute fullest. Because you never know what tomorrow will bring. It really helps me get through the hardest days of grief." - McKinley

Joe Byess

Please be patient as Joe is preparing his words. 


Landen Carnes

Please be patient as Landen is preparing his words.


Taylor Cates

"I am dedicating my final softball season to someone who was loved by so so many and taken way too soon. Breanna and the Chadwick family is who I play for ." - Taylor 

Melissa Cronan

Please be patient as Melissa prepares her words. 


Kamden Jenkins

Bree's first cousin Kamden also known as Kam by his family and friends was influenced by Bree's love of the game. Kam's passion for baseball along with his dedication to the game and choice position, catcher, was intrinsically poised by Bree. The day after Bree’s accident, Kam was supposed to try out for a new travel team. Kam being Kam, did not want to leave our side, especially Kirstin's. After a lot of hesitation and many tears, he chose to do what he knew would make Bree proud. He went to try out and just as we knew he would, he made the team. Prior to accepting their offer, he had one condition; he had to be #45.

45 Club LJenkins 4.JPG

Luther Jenkins

Luther, known by many from the Dirt Car Track, also known as Luke but called Duker by his nieces Breanna and Kirstin needed a new wrap for his car. Without hesitation, Luke knew exactly what he was going to do. After being #3 his entire career, which was also his grandfather's number, he chose to honor Bree by changing his number to #45. 

Gracie Mixson

Gracie and Bree were thick as thieves and best friends since preschool. Gracie's coach from the University of North GA surprised Gracie at Christmas with the whole team wearing Bree's Foundation sticker on their helmet. This year they are playing for Bree. 

129D0875-5170-4282-950C-30058CFD04E7_heic (1).webp

Caitlin Kilmurry

Caitlin Kilmurry and Breanna were friends and Caitlin now runs barrels with Bree's name on her helmet and a sunflower with  Bree's monogram in the middle.

Lucas McCoy

Lucas McCoy is the son of TJ  McCoy, Bree's cousin. Lucas like all the kids Bree interacted with, was drawn to her kind-hearted vibrant character and he loved Bree as she loved him. This year he wanted a new number for baseball and they knew the perfect one, #45.  

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MaKenna Moody


Makenna's dad, Scott, is one of the reasons we were blessed with Bree and had the honor of borrowing her for 20 extraordinary years. Scott introduced her parents, Heath and Kristy. On several occasions, Bree worked with Makenna bestowing her knowledge and passion for catching ultimately culminating a bond between them.  Makenna currently plays softball for Pickens High School and recently joined a new travel team. As a result of joining a new team, she was given the opportunity to pick her jersey number and she chose #45 in honor of Bree and the connection they shared.


Jason Stanley & Logan Stanley

Jason and Logan are bullfighters with a heart of gold. They put Bree's initials on the shorts he wears while at rodeos. When asked why they are honoring Breanna this is what they had to say "We just saw how many lives she touched in her short time here and we couldn't bare the thought of the love she had for people and life to be forgotten. We still cry when I think of how the world was a better place just having her in it for a little while and how bad the world needs more just like her."

What an honor to have people like Jason & Logan in our village. 

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