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Honoring Breanna  

Breanna Leigh Chadwick was one of the most vivid, vibrant, kind-hearted, and outgoing young women that a person could ever hope to meet. Sadly, tragedy struck one fateful night taking her all too soon from this world. Although many might think that this would have dampened her light, Breanna continues to shine like a beacon of hope to all who knew her and that would come to know her.

In keeping with Breanna's legacy, her family began The Breanna Leigh Chadwick Memorial Foundation. This foundation was built upon the principles that Breanna cherished the most: love, charity, kindness, and duty. Along with these principles, Breanna cherished her community and those that lived in it. This foundation will continue to provide love and support to all within it in Breanna's name. This is a 5013C non-profit organization and is not organized for the personal gain of any individual.

What is our Mission?

The Breanna Leigh Chadwick Memorial Foundation is a cooperative and collaborative foundation that aims to educate, serve, and provide aid to the community. Our organization will strive to be the embodiment of Breanna’s virtue, passion, and servant’s heart. Our work will include educating the general public on the needs of the community, promoting and orchestrating continued learning through book donations, adopting at-risk families during the holidays, and assisting high school and college students with college tuition.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple,” Dr. Seuss.

Who is Breanna?

Breanna Leigh Chadwick was born on January 26, 2002, to her parents, Heath and Kristy Chadwick. In no time, Breanna had completely wrapped her entire family around her little finger.

Breanna was the perfect little combination of sweetness and sass. She had an infectious smile and a laugh that urged any who heard it to join in. Her sarcastic little smirk and witty quips could leave you reeling for days. You never had to worry if Breanna was being truthful when you asked for her opinion or feedback. Breanna’s ability to cut to the chase was both a breath of fresh air and a virtue.

Breanna was an athletic young woman that played numerous sports, such as softball, basketball, and lacrosse. Although she was very dedicated and competitive, Breanna exuded compassion and sportsmanship. She loved to cheer on her friends, sister, cousins, and teammates.

Athletics was only one of the many avenues by which Breanna found enjoyment. She loved to spend time with her people, especially her best friend and sister, Kirstin. Breanna’s tribe was ever-growing and ever-present. Breanna loved her family and friends with incomparable depth and strength. Her love was absolute and resounding. Breanna was a true child of God, a devout and Christian soul that did not only practice her faith but lived by its example. It was Breanna’s desire for everyone to have the heavenly peace through salvation that she had. In turn, to know Breanna was to love her. 

They say that animals and children have a sense about them that discerns the purity of one’s heart. In Breanna's case, this was an absolute fact. Animals loved her, and she loved them with unquestionable purity. Breanna always loved working with children, and she was studying to be an elementary school teacher. She had such a youthful exuberance and immense compassion that children would flock to “Miss Bree” without hesitation. Even the timidest of children in the most random of places would seek out and befriend Breanna, beaming with joy at their new friend.

Breanna had such a tremendous impact on the lives of so many. Not a moment was wasted. Not a smile left unshared. In absolute truth, Breanna Leigh Chadwick absolutely lived her life to the fullest.


Breanna Leigh Chadwick:
Sunrise: January 26, 2002
Sunset: July 8, 2022

“Today I shall behave, as if this is the day I will be remembered.” Dr. Seuss

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