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Bree's Board of Directors 

In order to fulfill the mission of Breanna's legacy, a Board of Directors and Advisor Board was established. First, Breanna's loving parents Kristy and Heath have stepped up to lead the way—their unwavering support for Breanna is an example for all. Her sister Kirstin has also been chosen; her love, dedication, and ferocity in keeping her sister's memory alive marks her as an ideal candidate. Likewise, Breanna’s beloved grandparents – David & Debbie Chadwick, Tab & JoAnn Badeaux, and Timmy Byess – were natural picks given their intimate role in Breanna's life. Her aunts and uncles - Brandi & Eliott Byers, Faithe & Cassie Chadwick, Brandy & Mitchell (Edwards) Pruitt, Haley & Justin Buice, Kevin & Olivia Byess, Tabitha & Luke Jenkins, and Whitney & Paul Rampley, Haley & Hayden Scott - were also maintained due to their close bond with the young woman they cherished so deeply. Finally rounding out the board are Gracie Mixson and Cameron Eaton – both of these individuals played a special part in young Breanna's life which makes them suitable choices to continue upholding values that make up this foundation inspired by our sweet angel. Together as one voice, this Board will see that no matter what happens, Bree's legacy will live on for future generations.


Heath Chadwick


Timmy Byess

Foundation - Teal.png

Faithe & Cassie Chadwick

Foundation - Teal.png

Tabitha & Luther Jenkins

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Kristy Chadwick

David & Debie.PNG

David & Debbie Chadwick


Kevin & Olivia Byess

Foundation - Teal.png

Haley & Hayden Scott


Kirstin Chadwick

Moma & Tab.PNG

Tab & JoAnn Badeaux

Foundation - Teal.png

Haley & Justin Buice

Foundation - Teal.png

Brandy & Mitchell Pruitt

2020 Senior Prom 6.heic

Gracie Mixson

Foundation - Teal.png

Brandi & Elliott Byers

Foundation - Teal.png

Whitney & Paul Rampley


Cameron Eaton

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