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Bree's Miles of Memories 5K

Thank you to anyone who had any part in making

the 1st Annual Bree's Miles of Memories 5K a success. 

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What a Village!

Over 325 runners, Over 30 Sponsors, Over 80 Volunteers,

and Over $16,000 raised.

This took a village to bring over the finish line. Thank you to all our family, friends, sponsors, volunteers, and the community for making it happen. A shout out to Hayden Scott for being the man with a plan, all the kids painting at midnight, those who dressed up as characters, the aunts blowing up hundreds of balloons, bonus kids and friends singing on cue, the best of friends decorating for days, those that raced in her honor, friends and co-workers who traveled from states away to give their support, Grandmommy for baking cakes, kids stepping up to drive Bree’s most prize possession or helping deliver all the decorations, and to all those who woke up before 5am on race day to make this happen all for the love of our sweet girl, Bree.

Thank you to anyone who had any part in making our vision a reality, or who loves our girl and continues to help us continue her legacy.

"Sometimes you will know never the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

Dr. Seuss

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