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Scholarships / Grants

The Breanna Leigh Chadwick Memorial Foundation was founded by the family of Breanna Leigh Chadwick. Breanna, known by her friends and family as Bree, was one of the most vivid, vibrant, kind-hearted, and outgoing young women that a person could ever hope to meet. On July 8, 2022, tragically Breanna was taken from this world in a freak accident. Although many might think that this would have dampened her light, Breanna continues to shine like a beacon of hope to all who knew her, as well as all that would come to know her.


The Breanna Leigh Chadwick Memorial Scholarship is given to students that exemplify the same traits that Bree exhibited herself. Individuals that, like Bree, are a little extra: extra kind, extra caring, extremely loving, and extremely hardworking.

Important Details

  • Deadline for scholarship applications is May 1.

  • Deadline for teacher grant applications is July 1.

  • Scholarships will be awarded in June for 2023.

  • Grants will be awarded in August for 2023. 

  • Applications are accepted throughout the year.

  • Scholarship recipients and grant recipients will be chosen by Bree's Foundation Board of Directors, Bree's coaches, teachers, and professors. 

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