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The 45 Club was founded to commemorate the life of Breanna, lovingly known as Bree. Her memory is preserved through clothing and accessories adorned with her number, 45. The Club has gained momentum over time; though initiated by four people close to Bree, it continues to welcome new members who feel the same enthusiasm for its cause. Everyone is encouraged to become an ambassador and join in honoring the related events hosted by the Foundation. Joining requires a certain degree of commitment toward upholding Bree's legacy through one's work with The 45 Club.


As an Ambassador of "The 45 Club", you'll be asked to perform the following tasks: attend and support Foundation events, represent the Foundation and Breanna in an exemplary manner, and demonstrate a passionate commitment to upholding Breanna's legacy. Your efforts will help ensure that her memory is kept alive.

45 Club Members

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