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Past Events

Breanna displayed a commendable commitment to honorable living, manifesting in her loyalty, dedication, and daily acts of kindness. She has received many accolades for her exemplary character, as dedicated below. We take pride in chronicling these honors.
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Rock'n 5L Tribute 

July 15, 2023, Lazy P

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1 Year Celebration of Sunset

July 8, 2023, Hopewell Cemetary

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow across the sky, we gathered in the embrace of twilight on the 1st anniversary of Bree's "Sunset." It was a moment filled with both reverence and remembrance, a poignant tribute to a soul that illuminated our lives like the gentle rays of the setting sun.

In this tranquil moment, we came together to honor the memory of Breanna, cherishing the love and light she brought into our lives. With hearts heavy yet full of gratitude for having known her, we stood together, united in our shared memories and the profound impact she made on us all.

As the sun bid adieu to the day, we released our thoughts and prayers into the evening breeze, trusting that they would be carried to the heavens above, reaching Bree in the infinite expanse of the universe. In this shared silence, we felt her presence, a comforting whisper in the rustle of the leaves and the gentle lapping of the waves.

Bree's "Sunset" symbolizes not an end, but a transition—a beautiful, eternal transition where her spirit continues to inspire, guide, and watch over us. Let her memory be a reminder that even in the quiet moments of life, there exists a profound beauty, a connection that transcends time and space.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for joining us in this solemn commemoration. Your presence, your love, and your shared memories of Bree weave a tapestry of solace and strength, reminding us that she will forever be a part of our lives, just as the sunset is an inseparable part of the day.

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Foundation - Teal.png

Wagon Train

Week of July 4, 2023, Chatsworth, GA 

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One Pitch for Bree

2023, Roper Park 

We are thrilled to share the success of our 2nd One Pitch for Bree event held at Roper Park this April. These tournaments, organized by Bree's co-ed team, are a heartfelt tribute to her passion for softball. We extend our sincerest gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of these tournaments. Your enthusiasm, dedication, and love made these events truly special.

Softball was not just a game for Bree; it was a part of her identity from the tender age of 3. Her love for the sport shone brightly, becoming an integral part of who she was. These One Pitch Tournaments hold a special place in our hearts because they encapsulate the essence of what made Bree extraordinary – her determination, team spirit, and love for the game.

To all the players, supporters, and volunteers, your presence at One Pitch for Bree signifies more than just a game; it represents the enduring legacy of a remarkable soul. Bree's passion lives on through each pitch, catch, and cheer, uniting us in the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

As we continue to celebrate Bree's love for softball, we invite you to join us in honoring her memory. Your ongoing support ensures that her legacy thrives, inspiring generations to come.

Thank you for making these tournaments a resounding success and for keeping Bree's spirit alive on the softball field. Together, we play in her honor, reminding the world that her love for the game will forever echo through the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd.

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Donor Remembrance Ceremony

April 24, 2023 at Erlanger Medical Mall

Erlanger Hospital and Tennessee Donor Services jointly hosted a Donor Remembrance Ceremony in observance of Donate Life Month on Monday, April 24. The event was held at 11 am in the Probasco Auditorium of Erlanger Baroness Hospital. Individuals who received organ transplants, as well as families of donors, were present to be honored and recognized by Erlanger representatives and TDS officials. Breanna was among those commemorated for having given the generous gift of life through organ donation.

Remembrance Cermony

April 20, 2023 at Reinhardt University

The Reinhardt community convened in Donor Plaza on April 20th to recognize and remember those who have passed away. Breanna was among those honored at the annual commemoration, which has been a tradition of Reinhardt for years. During the ceremony, her name was called out, accompanied by the ringing of a bell.


Balloon Release

January 26, 2023, Hopewell Baptist Church

On 01/26/2023, family and friends of Bree gathered at Hopewell Church to mark the 21st birthday of the late Bree. It was a memorial celebrating her life, as those in attendance sang together in honor of her and released balloons into the sky. It was a beautiful reminder of what one person's life can mean to so many others.

Summerwalk Tree Lighting

December 2022 at Summer Walk Subdivision 

In honor of Breanna, Summerwalk Subdivision dedicated its annual tree lighting ceremony to her. This serves as a tribute to the impact Breanna made in our community and demonstrates our ongoing appreciation for her legacy.


Chatsworth Tree Lighting

December 2022 at Chatsworth City Park

Murray County Saddle Club honored Breanna as one of 110 dedicated trees for the third annual Christmas in the Park celebration in Chatsworth, Georgia. This holiday event focuses on creating a sense of unity and caring within the community by coming together to enjoy festive lights from November 26th–December 20th. Everyone is eager to see the glow of their pride when they come out and witness this special occasion.

Dedication of Bree's Corner

October 18, 2022, Reinhardt University

On Tuesday, October 18th, family and friends of the late Breanna Chadwick congregated at Reinhardt University for an event commemorating her life and dedication of Bree's Corner in the courtyard between Paul Jones and Smith Johnson Halls. Attendants sported teal, Breanna's favorite color, and expressed their nostalgia for her time with them. Speeches were given by Tami Smith, Interim Dean of Price School of Education (PSOE) as well as Debby Pinion, Assistant Professor of Elementary Education who had served as Chadwick’s advisor. Their affectionate recollections included acknowledging Chadwick's starry-eyed enthusiasm towards third-grade curriculum and especially Dr. Seuss, but more emphasizing how incomparable her smile that touched everyone who knew her. As a token to honor her memory, a book entitled "What if There Were No Teachers?" was distributed among those present -some receiving one for themselves courtesy Reinhardt Library Services-, meant to be retained as an elegant reminder that teachers are an integral part of our society behind each success hitherto achieved throughout mankind's existence.

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Commendation for Governor Kemp

September 26, 2022, State Capital

On September 26, 2022, Gov. Brian Kemp and First Lady Marty Kemp commemorated the life of Breanna Chadwick, a Reinhardt student who had passed away in July. At an equestrian event, Breanna acted with heroism when she saved others from injury by closing off a gate just as a horse was about to run out of the arena. This noble act cost her life and she was recognized with tremendous admiration for her courage and dedication by being given a meaningful commemoration in the governor's office. In addition, her status as an organ donor allowed her to give more lives after death. Her family and friends were present for this special moment that celebrated the legacy She left behind.

One Pitch for Bree

August 14, 2022 at Roper Park, Jasper, GA

Bree's co-ed softball team commemorated her life with a one-pitch tournament held in her honor. The event was a fitting tribute, as Bree was well-known for her love of the game and the powerful impact she had on both the community and the team. Her family was touched that something so special to Bree and integral to her identity would be remembered in this way.


Ride for Bree

August 12 & 13, 2022
at Murray County Saddle Club

The Murray County Saddle Club held a memorial event to honor Bree, called "Ride for Bree". The occasion began with the unveiling of a horseshoe cross crafted by Tyler Peck, hung in remembrance at the site of Bree's accident. With profound sorrow and camaraderie, attendees had an opportunity to honor her memory together. On day two, participants focused on celebrating Bree's life a wagon ride; one of her favorite activities.

Rock5L Rodeo Tribute

July 26, 2022 at Murray County Saddle Club

On July 26, 2022, Rock'n 5L Rodeo recognized Breanna with a grand entry parade. Teal was worn by participants. Teagan Allmond presented a flag in the grand entry tribute and then Troy and other first responders presented Breanna's parents with the flag.


Retirement of Jersey

July 14, 2023 at Cherokee High School

Cherokee High School's Varsity Lacrosse team had a tribute to Breanna (#18), honoring her memory. Her teammates and coaches shared their love for the late Lacrosse Warrior, expressing that one of the most remarkable features about her was her courageous spirit. Despite never having played lacrosse before, she put her heart and soul into it with enthusiasm. Her vibrant smile and optimistic outlook affected everyone around her. All Lax Warriors will remember and honor Breanna in the future - never forgotten, always loved #18.

Honor Walk

July 10, 2023 at Erlanger Hosiptal

Honoring and celebrating the incredible act of donation is an important part of the donor’s families' healing process. Held when requested or approved by a donor's family, an Honor Walk is a way for hospital staff to come together and recognize the selfless act of donating organs, eyes, and tissue. At the start of an Honor Walk, notification is made to those in the hospital to recognize that a donor will soon be transported down the hallway from their room to the operating room. Hospital staff lines up along this hallway while they observe in reflection. As they accompany their loved one through this procession, some choose to do so with music or by making other special requests; these requests are often able to be granted. For example, over 100 friends and family members were present at Bree's Honor Walk in support of her decision.

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Prayer Vigil
July 8, 2023

Murray County Saddle Club held a prayer Vigil on July 8, 2022, in honor of Bree, who passed away. Attendees gathered to pay their respects and a prayer vigil was held in her memory. Many members of the Community and Bree's friends were present at the event to remember her life.

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