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"It will do when you are dying"

*This picture was taken of Granddaddy and Breanna shortly after she was baptized in the Hopewell church parking lot.

Let me begin by telling y 'all a little about our family. When we married 50 years ago we both agreed that if we were ever blessed with children that they would be brought up in church. We were blessed with five children. We took them to church and all five were saved by the Grace of God. We encouraged and prayed that if they were granted any children they would do the same. We see this as the greatest gift of all "It will do when you are dying." And that brings us to our beautiful granddaughter, Breanna. Her parents, our son Heath and our daughter-in-love Kristy took Breanna and Kirstin to church faithfully and taught them about the love of God and his mercy in saving their souls where when this tragic accident caused Breanna to be able to go to heaven and live with God. You see we believe that there is a Heaven and Hell. Thank God for his amazing grace that morning in July Breanna bowed on the altar floor on her knees, streaming tears, and crying out to our lord to be saved by his love and grace for eternity. When she was saved and received God's grace she jumped "somehow" from her knees around the preacher's neck without touching the floor. Bree was laughing and thanking God as she hugged everyone in the church family and strangers alike. They had all become brothers and sisters in Christ. Bree joined the church and was baptized, but she was not just a member of Hopewell Baptist Church she was and will forever be a member of THE CHURCH saved by Grace and Love thru faith by our Lord Jesus Christ. I will see her again! Breanna was a precious grandchild she grew up helping us on the farm, playing with our chickens, and helping us work the cattle (she was our diva on the farm). We fished, played in the creek, snow, you name it she was our farm girl. Breanna played basketball, softball, lacrosse, heck she could do anything she tried. She baked and decorated cakes, made cookies with Grandmommy, and loved her biscuits and gravy. We would have spent the night parties where we would all wind up in the bedroom telling stories with all 12 grandkids.

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