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Two Years On: Reflecting on Loss, Growth, and Faith

As we approach the two-year mark of our sweet Breanna's sunset, a myriad of emotions floods through us. In many ways, everything has changed, and yet, some things remain painfully the same. The question "Are you okay?" continues to echo, and the answer often feels as complex and loaded as ever (but my answer is still the same... do I have a choice?)

The Passage of Time and the Weight of Grief

For those of us who loved Breanna, time has moved in paradoxical ways. We have grown in strength and in faith, finding solace in the belief that everything happens for a reason. This journey of grief has taught us more about life, about purpose, and about the divine plan than we ever knew before.

Yet, while some have moved forward, many of us feel as though our days stand still, caught in the moments we last shared with Breanna. It's a testament to her impact on our lives that her absence feels so profound, so altering.

Spiritual Growth and Divine Plans

In the aftermath of loss, many of us have looked for meaning and understanding in higher powers. The belief that God places us in situations to strengthen us for future plans has been a comfort. It is said that He brings people into our lives just when we need them for healing, and perhaps, takes them away when they have served their purpose in our journey.

This perspective has not come easily and is often accompanied by a complicated mix of emotions. On our hardest days, there is an undeniable feeling of jealousy—that Breanna is in a better place, free from the troubles of this world. It is a raw, honest admission of the pain that lingers in her absence.

The Power of Community and Legacy

Through all the changes, both good and bad, one thing remains certain: Breanna’s spirit and legacy continue to guide and inspire us. Her life, though far too short, was a testimony of love, strength, and faith that continues to touch new hearts every day.

The Breanna Leigh Chadwick Memorial Foundation has been pivotal in turning our collective grief into action—creating events, scholarships, and programs that embody her spirit. It is through these initiatives that we find purpose and a path to healing.

Looking Forward with Hope

As we continue to navigate this journey, we hold onto the promise of reunion—that because of her testimony, we will see Breanna again. This belief shores up our resolve and lights our way during the darkest times.

In remembering Breanna, we invite everyone touched by her story to reflect on the lessons of love and resilience she left behind. Let us gather strength from what she taught us and continue to spread the love she embodied.

In her memory, we move forward, carrying her legacy as a beacon of hope and healing.

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