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Bree's Legacy at Work

The Breanna Leigh Chadwick Memorial Foundation is doing great things in honor of Bree's memory. We are determined to follow her example by supporting others, providing education for children and being there when somebody needs us. We have a commitment to keeping her dream and legacy alive with an everlasting effect on the lives of those who most need it. As we move forward with our mission, our goal is to uphold Bree's dreams and legacy and make a difference in people's lives.

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Bree's Helping Hands

Bree's Helping Hands is proud to provide essential services and assistance to those in need. We provide food, clothing, shelter, transportation, medical care, and financial support. Our primary goal is to make an impact on our community by helping families and others who require assistance during difficult moments in their lives. Every day we focus on ensuring that those we serve can find the help they need in order to get back on their feet. 

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Teach Like Bree

Teach like Bree is dedicated to recognizing the inspiring work of Ms. Bree and ensures her legacy lives on by offering educational scholarships and teacher grants to hardworking individuals pursuing their dreams. The scholarships and grants provide financial assistance for furthering education, as well as support for teachers in their classrooms. We're proud to recognize Ms. Bree's contribution and commitment to education and are happy to provide opportunities for others to learn from her example. 

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All of Bree's Things

All of Bree's Things are committed to bringing the joy and happiness that only Dr. Seuss books can bring to young children. We help to light up a room with smiles by providing these books at events and schools. Furthermore, we provide Dr. Seuss character performers at many events as an added delight for children and adults alike!

Adopt a Warrior Project ......more details coming soon!

The Breanna Leigh Chadwick Memorial Foundation is proud to partner with Jessica DeLuca and her Adopting a Warrior project. Jessica has been taking care of her son since he was 2, providing him with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and countless surgeries throughout the years; they recently got discharged after a 6-week stay. On top of that, she received a care package that motivated her to give back; thanks to donations from supporters, she's now been able to provide 377 Warriors staying at Scottish Rite Hospital with packages full of goodies. She is now continuing this work at Egleston Hospital as well. If you would like to contribute, you can adopt a Warrior by donating $25. Thank you for your support!
“ The Breanna Leigh Chadwick Memorial Foundation is giving to current Warriors hope and a bright future by providing a Christmas this year! "
via Cherokee Connect

Judy Wright, CHS Administrator

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